Hot Bread Story

We make sacrifices that other bakeries do not make.

Did you know that it’s an accepted industry practice to bake bread every other day and, most times, every three days? And still call it “fresh-baked?”

At Five Star, every morning at 5:30 AM, like clockwork, our bakers start churning a combination of sugar, butter, flour and, of course, our secret all natural ingredients. Our unique baking process, along with our secret combination of ingredients, is what makes Five Star Bakery’s “Hot Bread” the #1 choice for hard dough bread lovers in South Florida.

With our customers in mind, the hard dough bread mixture is combined, rolled, and placed into custom made deep dish bread baking pans. They are baked to a perfect golden brown, set to kool and wait for Founder, Master Baker, and former Marine Sergeant, Mr. Bernard Brown, to render his Five Star inspection…just before the customers file in to pick up their “Hot Bread.”

Our “Hot Bread” Promise:  Hard Dough bread, Baked Fresh Daily–with precision.